Trinity River Spey

The Trinity River is without a doubt, Swingwater Flyfishing's most well known River. You could say its our bread and butter. It is Northern California’s diamond. It is the number one option to encounter a Steelhead with a Spey rod twelve months a year. It boasts the largest encounter rate for fly caught, wild and hatchery adult steelhead in the State. It will also kick out King salmon up to 20lbs and Beautiful German Brown up to 15lbs to the dedicated Spey Angler. It runs appx 160 miles from Trinity Lake to Weitchpec, where it dumps into the mighty Klamath River.

The Trinity will throw just about everything plus the kitchen sink at the Spey Angler swinging flys. From long hot days of wet wading for summer Steelhead with Greased lines, to dredging the bottom with sink tips, wearing layers of wool and down jackets. The Trinity River Spey program is as diverse and rich as you will find anywhere.

This feature rich river will test and reward greatly, the Spey angler who thrives on swinging flys with the “outside the box” approach. Although there are many cookie cutter "Spey" runs for the taking, the Trinity River consists of lots of "swingwater" that holds fish where it could typically be overlooked by most rivers standards. This is what makes this River so special!

Swingwater Flyfishing has guided and swung flys on many of the great rivers in the Pacific Northwest. We believe the Trinity River is a top option for any Spey Angler. If you are looking for a active day of swinging flys for aggressive Steelhead, the Trinity River will be your best option.


Because the Trinity can become a low water situation in the upper stretches due to the dam at Trinity Lake, there are plenty of natural Tributaries to increase flow volume and decrease water temps the lower you go down river. Swingwater Flyfishing guides stay with the fish and it plays out that, like us, Trinity River Steelhead like more water volume and lower water temps. You can find us floating as low as Red Rock to confluence. Which is where the Trinity collides with the mighty Klamath. We happily guide the Valley of Hoopa, where we believe, the finest swing water for Spey Anglers anywhere in the Pacific Northwest exists. So, in short, If the water volume is good in the upper Trinity, we will be there. If we need to head west, down river, we will be there. Swingwater Flyfishing has the Trinity Spey program down to science and we feel blessed to call it our home river.

Trinity River Fishing Infomation

Species of Fish Found Below Lewiston Dam

  • Steelhead (During the Summer and Winter Runs)
  • Chinook (Spring and Fall Runs)
  • Coho Salmon
  • Brown Trout

Trinity River Fishing Map

This map can also be sourced from: The Bureau of Land Management
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