Lower Sacramento River

Lower Sacramento River Trout Spey.

Our Northern California fly fishing guides have always wondered why there aren’t more people present using “Trout Spey” tactics on the Lower Sacramento River. The Lower Sacramento River lends itself to the Angler that likes to swing it just as much as you’d want it to. Swinging sub-surface Soft Hackles to dredging Sculpin, the Lower Sacramento Rainbow Trout are super strong and will absolutely bend a 2/3/4wt Spey with the best of them!

Because of the way the Lower Sac lays itself out, there is plenty of water that needs to get fished using other techniques. (suspended nymphing, tight line nymphing, etc) which we like to do “in between” the runs that we swing.

We believe that once a fly fisherman gets out the boat and approaches a run with a spey rod, he/she is being educated in much more of the process of angling. Breaking down holding water, fly presentation, cast placement, swing speed, where you’re setting up to start fishing the run, etc. This process is just as important to a great experience on the river as catching the fish themself.

That being said, the lower Sacramento River will have days when “swinging flies” just isn’t the only way to do it! Which is why we will always have a plethora of fly rods rigged up for multiple techniques to ensure fish are being caught.

Haven’t tried “Trout Spey”? But have always wanted to? We can flatten out the curve of the Spey voodoo and get you started.

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