At Swingwater, our fly fishing guides believe there may not be a better river to swing flies with a Spey rod than the mighty Klamath! Storied with Native tradition, unbelievable mining stories from the gold rush
era and some of the worlds largest returns of Salmon and Steelhead, The Klamath River boasts some of the best stretches of “swingable” water anywhere.

Although you can start finding Steelhead as early as June in the lower River, we like to wait a couple more months for those fish to push into the middle river. Swingwater holds a Klamath National Forest Permit which allows us to guide around the Seiad Valley/Hamburg area. Why do we like that area? Because there is roughly twenty miles of some of the most consistent juiciest, structured swing water that you'll find anywhere. This stretch of river will give you the opportunity to present your fly, pretty much however you'd like to. The Klamath Steelhead will move up, down and side to side in order to get a piece of your fly!

Once the temperatures start to drop into November, we will start to slow down and get a little deeper with our presentations. November is also the time when the bigger winter run Steelhead start to move in. Winter steelhead tend to be a bit heavier than summer and fall run Steelhead and are still eager to thrash your fly. These winter run Steelhead can continue their push into the Klamath as late as March. And we appreciate that.

The Klamath River is vast with its massive beauty and solitude. Although its roughly a two hour drive to the fishing from Redding, Ca, the middle Klamath River allows fly fisherman to feel like they've gone back in time to the place it used to be. Our guides are very excited when it comes to swinging flies on the Klamath river. After all, there's a lot to be excited about in the coming years on the Klamath.[/spb_text_block]

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