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Kvichak River Fly Fishing Guide

If you like hyper aggressive, sculpin and leech eating, massive freshwater Rainbow Trout, and you like to see the backing in your Spey reel. A lot! This fishery is an absolute bucket list trip.

If you could design the perfect Rainbow Trout, it would be the Lacustrine (of the lake) Rainbow Trout of Lake Iliamna. These Iliamna fish out migrate from the lake into the mighty Kvichak River once the worlds largest Sockeye Salmon migration start their spawning cycle.

Picture if you will, a freshwater Rainbow that looks identical to a coastal Steelhead. These fish have big, wide, strong shoulders and a massive motor and paddle for a tail. They are blazing fast and as hot as it gets anywhere in the world. These fish have been caught and landed at over 37″s. We have clocked them at over 26mph (Bonefish speed). These Iliamna Rainbow Trout are genuinely the gangsters of the Kvichak.

We at Swingwater ┬ábelieve that swinging flies for these ridiculous Rainbows is honestly the best swing fishing anywhere in the world and our reasons make sense. Unlike Steelhead, these Rainbows are not here to spawn! they are not stressed out and weary of their surroundings! These fish come out of the Lake as gate keepers to the Kvichak River and for one other reason… To destroy any and all food sources! there is no mistaking a “grab”!

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