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Kvichak River Alaska

We will keep it simple for this.

If you’re a Rainbow Trout hunting fanatic like us, then this fishery is an absolute must-do, bucket list, trip of a lifetime. PERIOD!

If you could design the perfect Rainbow Trout, it would be of the Lacustrine Bow from Lake Iliamna/Kvichak River.  Picture if you will, a Bow that looks almost identical to that of a wild coastal Steelhead buck. They have big wide, strong shoulders and a massive motor for a tail. These fish are blazing fast and as hot as it gets anywhere in the world. Teeth that are definitely not designed for eating bugs! Now take that fish, add a lot of anger and a supercharger. There’s your Kvichak River Bow!

Leave your 5wt trout rods at home! Actually, leave your 6wts too! These fish are on a different level altogether. They are not in the river this time of the year to spawn and get stressed out. They are in there actively feeding on anything they can get their mouths around. The big boys are cold, calculated killers. Preying on anything that they can see. They swim in gin clear water and can see quite a ways out. There is no mistaking a Kvichak River Rainbow grab. When I say freight train, that’s an understatement! They absolutely crush Streamers. A fish over 26” will be into your backing in a matter of seconds.

This trip is the ultimate streamer junkies trip. We will spend the majority of the time casting streamers to the world’s baddest trout. When we are not doing that, we will be casting spey rods and swinging for them. There is also a very good possibility to skate drys for the coveted 20” Artic Grayling. There are also Salmon species available on request.

If you are interested in this trip, don’t wait, seats are very limited and usually booked eight months to a year in advance. It’s a very specialized trip geared towards the angler who likes to throw big nasty flies to even nastier fish. Call or email for details.

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